Weapons Class



Studying martial arts weapons class is a great way to broaden your martial arts knowledge and experience. The weapons system taught at Collierville Taekwondo includes three weapons and is based on the Matayohsi Okinawan Kobudo system. All of the katas can be found on You Tube which is a great training aid. There are variations in the katas among different individuals so we base our versions on those demonstrated by Shihan Nishiuchi.

The weapons class includes three weapons: Bo, Nunchaku, and Sai. Dr. Lance Wright teaches our weapons system every Saturday 10:55 to 11:40.

If the class contains both beginners and more experienced students, and there is only one instructor, the first 20 minutes will be taught at a beginner level and the next 20 minutes at a more advanced level (beginners may use that time to practice what they learned in the first part of class).

A stripe to be worn on the weapon will be awarded for each kata mastered.

Below you will see the basic Katas for each weapon and the stripe color to be awarded for each:

Bo Staff:

  1. Shushi no kun- white
  2. Choun no kun-red
  3. Sakugawa no kun- blue
  4. Tsuken no Kun – second white
  5. Shishi no kun – second red
  6. Shima jiri bo ich – second blue


  1. Kobu nunchaku -white
  2. Nuchaku no katat – red


  1. Nicho Sai – White
  2. Sancho Sai – red
  3. Shinbaru no sai – blue

Questions & Answers

How much do you charge for the weapons class?
  • If you are already a member of Collierville Taekwondo, we will not charge you for this class. If you are currently not a member please contact our office for additional pricing information.
What age limits are there for the weapons class?
  • We require you to be ages 8 and up.
Do I need to purchase these weapons for the class?
  • We have some weapons you can borrow until you get comfortable. We also sell all three weapons and have them in stock for your convenience.