Olympic Class



Olympic Style sparring is an official Olympic sport practiced all of over the world underneath the umbrella of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) located in Seoul, South Korea. Each country has it’s on organization underneath said umbrella with ours being USAT (United States of America Taekwondo). We are members of both organizations providing us access to Olympic style tournaments regionally, nationally and even overseas.

Our olympic class is for students interested in competing at a high level under the World Taekwondo Federation System. This class is for advance students and is high cardio intensive.

Our Olympic Class was started 25 years ago to provide students who seek to increase their confidence, stamina and sparring to a higher level. This particular class consist of hard training, high cardio, foot work training, quickness training as well as sparring strategy. You will gain the benefits of this class right away and long term results can be staggering.

Our Olympic Class has taken average taekwondo students transforming them into National and international Gold medalist.

Although this class focuses on competition, it is not a requirement to attend. You can participate in this class just for the betterment of your taekwondo or physical fitness alone. We recommend you to be at least intermediate to advanced level. Ages 8 and up are a requirement.

Our Olympic Class meets Three times per month on Saturday’s from 1:45 to 2:45 and is taught by Master Richard Thomas. If this class is of interest to you, please contact Master Thomas about attending.

Questions & Answers

At what age and level can I attend this class?
  • We recommend you to be ages 8 and up. This class is typically invitation only and who attends is determined by our senior instructors. Therefore, rank is not the main indicator to whom may attend.
Do I need to be in great physical shape to participate?
  • Not exactly, but you will become in great shape physically and mentally.
Will this prepare me for tournaments and am I required to compete?
  • This will most certainly help prepare you for competition. However, Competition is not a requirement for this class.